Tour of My Greenhouse in July

Like I’ve mentioned before, having a greenhouse or some sort of season extension techniques (like cold frames, or hoop houses) is essential in a cold climate. Not only does it allow you to grow out your seedlings or harvest early season greens, a greenhouse can give you a yield of hot crops like tomatoes a lot sooner than what you have growing outside. 

In my short video, I give you a tour of what is growing in the greenhouse in July. Like your outdoor garden, the greenhouse garden is a dynamic system that changes over the course of the growing season. 

By July, most of my cool season greens are no longer in the greenhouse and I fill it instead with tomatoes, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and basil. I grow both in the garden beds and in pots that move in and out of the greenhouse, depending on the weather. 

If you need more greenhouse growing tips and tricks, check out my video here