Bring your dream homestead to life

Discover how you can eat from your garden 365 days/year, even in a cold climate!

Bring your dream homestead to life

Discover how you can eat from your garden 365 days/year, even in a cold climate!

Early Bird enrollment for my Fall 2023 Resilient Homestead Program is now open.
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If you're ready to grow your own food, live healthier and build more self-reliance, then you're in the right place.

Get ready to:

Early Bird enrollment for my Fall 2023 Resilient Homestead Program is now open.
Please register below!

With so much Uncertainty, Take Back Control of your Food

Climate change, a pandemic, food shortages, topsoil loss, wildfires – these are unsettling and challenging times on so many levels. 

Sometimes it’s hard to feel hopeful about the future. 

We know that our large-scale food systems are fragile and the processed food they produce, laden with herbicides and pesticides, is making us sick. 

More and more, we need to get back to the basics. 

Learning how to grow our own food and setting up a resilient homestead are some of the most positive steps forward at this time. 

Not only are you setting up your food security and reclaiming your health but this lifestyle allows you to contribute something positive to your community. Rather than feeling helpless and fearful about the future, you feel like you are living part of the solution.

Build a Homestead and Get Back to the Basics

If you’re like many other people waking up to the homesteading life, you’ve probably read books, watched videos, and you have big plans and dreams for your self-reliant life. Yet the prospect of translating that into a doable plan seems overwhelming.  

I get it, it’s hard to know where to start. 

You might be feeling overwhelmed with all the things you need to keep in mind. How big should my garden be? How many fruit trees do I want and where do I put them? Should I have animals and if so, what kind? Are my goals even realistic seeing as I live in such a cold climate?

And then, because you’re not sure how to even START designing an efficient and productive site…you get stuck and nothing happens, because what if you waste time and money and it doesn’t work? 

Then comes the feeling of frustration that your plans still haven’t happened yet! And you’re back where you started, with the burning desire to change and create a more sustainable lifestyle for you and your family, but not really sure the best way to go about it. 

Hi, I’m Kareen Erbe.

I’m a homesteader, permaculture educator, design consultant and owner of Broken Ground. I help people in cold climates grow their own food so they can cultivate more resilience. I’ve taught thousands of people through my workshops, both live and online, and have consulted with aspiring gardeners and homesteaders for over a decade. 

It’s my mission to get as many people as possible building a resilient life that enables them to not only live their values and connect to their community but to feed their families safe and healthy food. 

I live with my family on a suburban homestead in Bozeman, Montana. Even with our short and unpredictable growing season, we manage to grow a good portion of our own food.

Check out some of our harvests:

As we move into winter, I always feel grateful for the abundance of our land and the ways in which it gives back to us year after year. 

But I didn’t go from zero to producing a lot of our own food overnight. Designing and implementing our site was a multi-phase, multi-year project.

Because of my background in permaculture design and gardening, I took a step-by-step approach to the project that made implementation clear, easy, and straightforward.

​Did I make mistakes? Absolutely! But I learned A LOT from those mistakes. And now my clients are the ones who benefit from that learning and direct experience.

Get a step-by-step guide

After consulting with clients for more than a decade, here’s what I’ve also discovered: it’s invaluable to have a guide that helps you design your homestead, someone who can mentor you through a proven process to go from overwhelm to implementation. No matter how many videos or books you read, nothing beats having someone who can hold your hand and give you a step-by-step plan.

Let me save you the hassle and the headaches, not to mention wasted money and energy. Let’s spend the fall and winter getting your site design right from the beginning, so that you can start building and planting come spring!

Stop Dreaming and Start Doing

If you had…

Could you create the homestead of your dreams?



A 4-month hybrid experience (with 1:1 and group elements) for people who want to develop a comprehensive site plan AND get the tools and knowledge to implement it.

Twice/month for 4 months, I will walk you through my Resilient Homestead Roadmap, my four-part framework for designing an integrated homestead site that saves you time, energy and money. 

Whether you have a small lot or a larger plot of land, this program will jumpstart your planning process and set you on course to bring your dream homestead to life. 

Drawing on permaculture design principles, whole systems design, and my direct experience working with clients, I’ll guide you through my proven process for getting your ideas and big picture vision translated into a site plan. 


Let’s bring your dream homestead to life!

Imagine how good it will feel to have a step-by-step plan to implement next spring!

Here's what participants have said about the program:

We walked away from the Resilient Homestead Program with a drawn out plan, a 5-year implementation timeline, and the CONFIDENCE to go for it. Since going through the program we have already built a hoop house, a chicken coop, and 2 large raised beds, planted 7 new fruit trees, and built up soil for a large pollinator garden, all in the first year! I feel so fortunate and forever changed by having gone through this program. Take the course, you will not be sorry you did.

I started this class overwhelmed and not sure where to begin. I learned so much with Kareen and the group of really interesting people. She helped me design this gorgeous road map for our yard. I’m extremely excited and have all sorts of big plans. The Resilient Homestead Program took me from overhwhelmed and not sure what to do to “I'M READY.” I can’t say enough good things.

Kareen Erbe and Broken Ground are the real deal when it comes to designing your permaculture dreams. I highly recommend the Resilient Homestead Program if you are looking for a little nudge in getting started on your backyard homestead. Thorough and inspiring, especially for those in colder climates with shorter growing seasons.

I participated in the Resilient Homestead Program last year and it was SO FUN. I love what we created for our land, family and animals. I still feel so supported moving forward this year.

"Kareen provided the technical guidance we needed to design and re-imagine our small urban lot as well as the tools we needed to actualize that design. Her permaculture-driven approach and systems thinking significantly changed the way we interact with our landscape, helping us understand more deeply the principles of permaculture, as well as our own values and motivations. We have broken ground this spring and have begun growing what will one day become a food forest, and we would not have made it here without Kareen. I would highly recommend working with Broken Ground to everyone and anyone!"

I can't say enough good things about the Resilient Homestead program. As someone who never had a backyard and garden before, the prospect of getting started and figuring out the best opportunities for my property was a bit overwhelming. This course breaks down this task into manageable bites, providing a fantastic overview to permaculture principles and a step-by-step approach to developing a multi-year plan for one's property. Kareen does an admirable job combining content and discussion through the online class; bringing in fantastic guest speakers; keeping each of us moving forward on our respective site plan journeys; and sprinkling in inspirational quotes, poems, and additional resources. I also can't overstate the community aspect- having a group of likeminded folks to provide their expertise, experience, and enthusiasm on certain topics is such a bonus. I can't recommend this course enough.

Here's how the Resilient Homestead Program works:

As a group, we will meet every two weeks from November through February for 2 hours (via zoom).

In between our calls, I’ll be giving you a step-by-step plan to start building a map of your site. Myself and the other members of the Resilient Homestead group will offer ideas, feedback and support on your map, while holding you accountable to your plans and dreams. 

PHASE ONE: Resilient Homestead Foundations

We’ll spend the first 4 sessions learning about topics like soil-building, creating food forests, vegetable gardening, harvesting rainwater, small animal systems and social systems design. This will give you a foundation for understanding your site’s potential and the different elements that could comprise your homestead.

PHASE TWO: Resilient Homestead Roadmap

With my guidance, I’ll put you in the driver’s seat to clarify your goals and develop an integrated site plan. I’ll take you through my 4-part framework to go from blank map to a solid design on paper.

PHASE THREE: Site Plan Review and Timeline for Implementation

I’ll give you feedback on your site plan and work with you to develop a clear timeline for implementation, so that you know exactly what to do come spring.

PHASE FOUR: Deeper Dive Homesteading Topics

As a group, we’ll identify 3 additional topics of interest. I’ll tap into my network of experts for some guest teaching! Whether that’s greenhouse building, setting up a market garden, herbalism, food preservation, seed-saving, ​nutrition and cooking, or raising goats and sheep, you’ll learn from other cold climate experts.

You'll walk away with:

Here's what's included in the program:

Plus these bonuses:

BONUS #1: site planning work session ($300 value)

During the program, I’ll host an online and in-person site planning work session.    This will give you the opportunity to work on your site plan with my guidance and an opportunity to get input from others in the group.

BONUS #2: Guest Experts ($1000 value)

Having been in the local food movement for over a decade, I have access to various guest experts that will deep dive with you on specific homesteading topics. As a group, we’ll identify the top 3 topics and I’ll bring in the experts to cover the material! Whether that’s greenhouse building, setting up a market garden, herbalism, food preservation, nutrition and cooking, or raising goats and sheep, we’ll learn from other cold climate experts that will deepen your knowledge.


Well, the value of all the training and resources you get access to is $8,900…

Although, let’s face it, setting up a self-reliant homestead that feeds you in food, beauty and community is truly priceless



$1350 (Early Bird Price!)
(OR 4 x $350 payments)

In order to best serve you, I am keeping the group small. Sign-up today to secure your spot!

Feeling tight on finances? I have limited partial scholarships available, along with longer payment plants. Get in touch with me to talk more about it!


The investment you make now will feed you in food for years to come. What is that level of resilience worth to you? 

Imagine having the peace of mind of knowing where your food comes from, providing for your family in these uncertain times, feeling prepared, and setting yourself up for long-term food security and abundance. 


From the moment I met her, I knew I had a lot to learn from Kareen. My family moved to a property with so much potential and all I needed was a vision and a plan to make it truly special. I had a vision. Kareen helped me dream bigger. I had a plan. Kareen helped me streamline it. Our property will absolutely become a vessel for connection, food production, and joy. Her support through the Resilient Homestead Program has completely changed my life and the lives of my family.

I loved this program! It took us through the steps to create and build our individual site plans along with providing valuable information to include in both the planning process and actualizing the site. Kareen shared her knowledge and experience and brought in guest speakers to vary the content of the class. I look forward to the spring when I can get outside and work with the soil!

Kareen creates an inspiring learning community based on permaculture principles. She shows us that the whole landscape including the social self is part of a growing environment while at the same time sharing practical tips and knowledge! Great program.

Kareen crafted a program that was applicable to many levels of experience, from small-scale gardeners to people with large homesteads. There were lots of insights, inspiration and concrete advice. We really enjoyed learning how permaculture is not limited to gardening but can also be applied to wider social issues. Kareen answered our every question and it was fun to connect to the other participants. Highly recommend!

Thank you Kareen for outlining a framework for creating an abundant homestead and for providing a lifetime of useful information.

This course is a great way to make a plan for your property, and lay out the steps to get there, while learning new tools to support your vision. I really appreciated this time!

I enjoyed the class so much, especially interacting and sharing with the other participants. Kareen is very easy to learn from and talk with and her passion for permaculture and all that it encompasses is very contagious. I have a renewed appreciation for the work that goes into soil building and growing food thanks to Kareen. I'm excited to start implementing what I've learned.


$1350 (Early Bird Price!)
(OR 4 x $350 payments)


frequently asked questions

We will meet once every two weeks, on Tuesday evenings, starting the second week of November.  All classes will be recorded so if you can’t make certain dates, you’ll be able to catch the recording. 

Set aside roughly 1.5 hours/week to dedicate to this program. This includes your time on zoom calls, plus additional time to meet 1:1 with me and/or start mapping your site.

This is one of the reasons why I’m offering this early in the spring. Once May rolls around, you want to be in the implementation phase. Our time together will allow you to hone your plan and be ready to put the plan into action.

My design process applies to any scale, whether you have a smaller lot or substantial acreage. 

Building food security for your family, cultivating your resilience and setting up a homestead that gives you food and security is THE thing to do right now.

Click here to make one payment or here for the 4-month payment plan. You’ll be taken to a secure site where you can enter your credit card information.

The only thing you need is a computer, access to the internet, and the ability to join a zoom call.

Take action now and be part of the solution.

The time to join this program is NOW. 

Design a life connected to your food, live healthier, and start building your resilience.

Large-scale food systems are fragile. More and more, we need to rely on ourselves and our local community to build our food security.

When you join the Resilient Homestead Program now, you’ll have the fall and winter to finalize your plan and gain the knowledge you need to be ready for implementation in the spring.

Don’t stay in the false starts, frustration, overwhelm or confusion, join the program and we’ll get you closer to your dreams!

With the fresh food that I pull out of my garden each season, my confidence builds that together we can solve some of the most pressing problems by living simpler and healthier.

 I would love it if you joined me on this journey. 


(OR 4 x $350 payments)