June Greenhouse Tour!

My video today gives you a little peek into what I have growing in the greenhouse in in June. Like I’ve mentioned before, the greenhouse is a dynamic ‘ecosystem’, much like your outdoor garden. You may have seen the tour of my greenhouse in May and now you’ll notice that things have changed significantly in just over a month! In the video, I give you a tour of what I have growing in pots and what I have growing directly in the garden beds. 

In my June greenhouse, I have:

  • plants like peppers and tomatoes growing in larger pots that will stay there for the rest of the season
  • warm season crops in my main garden beds 
  • volunteer plants that have self-seeded in the greenhouse 
  • cool season crops (greens, cilantro and dill) that have now gone to flower and are serving the new function of attracting beneficial insects 

Click on the video to learn more!