May Greenhouse Tour!

It’s May in the garden which means cool season crops are starting to get planted in the outdoor garden while things in the greenhouse have really taken off. May in Montana is always ‘go-time’ for planting, transplanting and more planting! 

My video today gives you a little peek into what I have growing in the greenhouse at this time of year. Like I’ve mentioned before, season extension techniques like greenhouses, cold frames and hoops with frost cloth allow you to get a jumpstart on the growing season, which makes them especially important in a cold climate. In the video, I give you a tour of what I have growing in pots and what I have growing directly in the garden beds. 

Like your outdoor garden, the greenhouse is a dynamic ‘ecosystem’. You’ll have:

  • plants growing in pots that you’re transplanting out to the garden 
  • early season greens growing directly in beds that you’ll eventually take out and replace with warm season crops
  • warm season crops like tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers that will grow the entire season in the greenhouse
  • volunteer plants that have self-seeded in the greenhouse which you can choose to keep or take out

In other words, the greenhouse in May looks very different than the greenhouse in July. Click on the video to learn more!