Let’s get your garden started! Even if you live in a cold climate and have never grown a veggie in your life!

Discover my simple FIVE-part framework for getting a garden ​planned in a morning!

If you love the idea of feeding your family fresh homegrown veggies from your garden but you’re just not sure what it takes to make it happen…

If you’re intimidated by the short growing season and don’t quite know where to start…

And if you’ve been holding back from starting your garden until you can get it just right….

I want to help you jumpstart your garden this spring!

​Whether you’re new to cold climate gardening or you’ve tried but have had limited success, let’s get homegrown veggies on your plate this growing season, while making it simple, fun and easy.  

Yes, you CAN live in a cold climate and enjoy homegrown delicious vegetables!

Hi, I’m Kareen Erbe.

​I’m a cold climate gardener, permaculture educator, garden design consultant and owner of Broken Ground. I help people in cold climates grow their own food so they can cultivate more resilience.

I’ve taught thousands of people through my workshops, both live and online, and have consulted with aspiring gardeners for almost a decade. 

It’s my mission to get as many people as possible building a resilient life that enables them to not only live their values and connect to their community but to feed their families safe and healthy food. 

I live with my family on a suburban homestead in Bozeman, Montana, with large vegetable gardens, a food forest of fruit trees and berry bushes, a greenhouse, a pond and a flock of chickens.

Even with our short and unpredictable growing season, we manage to grow a good portion of our own food. 

When I first entered the world of gardening, I was intimidated by everything I needed to learn. I took classes, volunteered on farms, read books and watched videos.  

But it wasn’t until I actually had my own garden and put seeds in the soil that I really gained the confidence with my gardening skills. 

I certainly didn’t start with a full-blown homestead!

I began on a small plot at a rental property, then expanded to a community garden, until eventually we were able to move into our own place. Like any gardener, there was a lot of trial and error along the way, as I figured out my site, my soil and what varieties did well in this climate. 

The Key is to Build a Garden you Can Grow Into

Most people, when they want to start gardening, get overwhelmed with “getting it all right.”

They think they need a lot of space, or that they need to have a ‘green thumb.’ 

After gardening for almost 15 years and teaching and consulting with hundreds of clients, here’s what I’ve discovered: when you’re starting out, all you need is a “Starter Garden”, a small plot to get you comfortable, confident and growing food straight away. Starting small and growing into your garden is the best way to ensure your long-term success.

And with just a bit of guidance and hand holding, it’s easier to get started than you think.

Here are some of the key details you need to get right:



A LIVE group workshop on Zoom that will give you the knowledge and confidence to plan and start a garden this spring so you’ll be eating fresh veggies this summer!

Using my 5-part “Starter Garden” framework, we will get your garden planned, a list of seeds for you to order, and a concrete plan for what you need to do in the spring. 

Expect to walk away from our time together with the knowledge and confidence to make planting in the spring simple, fun and easy.

Get your Own Step-by-Step "Starter Garden"

At the end of our time together, you’ll have:

Imagine having a clear plan for the growing season ahead, all done after our workshop together!

Get ready to: 

Here's what people say when they work with me:

I feel so much more confident gardening this year thanks to you!"

We are new to gardening. We learned a lot of great things that would have taken us years to learn if we didn't take this class.

Kareen is a gifted and patient teacher and helped me truly understand how to create a self-sustaining garden. ​I learned tons!

As a novice gardener, I feel so much more knowledgeable and confident in creating my first vegetable garden! Thank you!

Plus these bonuses:

A comprehensive manual covering the 3 steps you can take to attract more bees and butterflies into your garden, including lists of flowers and herbs you’ll want to grow and additional resources for buying seeds and material.
A detailed checklist of what to do in your garden every season. From seed starting to planting to fall cleanup and winter pruning, set yourself up for success this growing season!
After our time working together, you’ll still get my support! You’ll receive an email in your inbox every week from April through October, telling you what you should be doing in your garden in real time. 


If you were to work 1:1 with me, I’d charge $750 to get a client started with their garden.
With access to my bonuses above, this program is worth $1100

Although, let’s face it, setting up a garden that feeds you in food and beauty throughout the growing
season is truly priceless




Because this is a LIVE workshop, I’m putting a cap on the number of participants.
​Spots are first come, first served so register today!

This class is for you if:

I couldn't recommend more ANY class/workshop/consultation with this wise, funny, knowledgeable and effective teacher. Kareen knows her stuff and shares it beautifully.

Kareen provided incredible guidance and information, but also put me in the driver’s seat and gave me the confidence to envision and build my new garden space. I no longer feel that all of my time is spent weeding and digging. Now I’m continuing to build a functional space, and it’s become so much more fun.


We will be meeting on Saturday, March 19,  from 10am – 1pm via zoom.

The class will last three hours with plenty of breaks and time for Q&A.

If the date doesn’t work for you, don’t worry, you’ll get full access to the recording after the event. After you watch it, you can feel free to email me with any follow-up questions.

There is a lot of information out there about gardening, but that’s part of the problem. It’s hard to sift through what’s relevant for your yard, your climate and your lifestyle. This workshop is not only specific to cold climates, it’s a chance to get me LIVE to answer your specific questions and address your concerns.

Absolutely! Planning your garden now will allow you to be prepared once spring rolls around

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Let's get your garden started together so you can get ​planting this spring!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy fresh veggies from YOUR garden this summer! 
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