My Top 3 Methods for Preserving Tomatoes

If you have been following me for awhile, you know that my family and I love garden tomatoes. In fact, sometimes I think it’s the only reason why I have an annual garden. Every year, I start tomatoes from seed, babying the seedlings throughout the spring, and then planting at least 30 plants in the ground over Memorial Day.

Looking back, It’s strange to think that as a kid, I didn’t like fresh tomatoes at all. However, I now attribute that to the fact that grocery-bought tomatoes are often mealy and fairly tasteless. I’ll admit it, since having a garden, I’ve become a tomato snob and resist buying tomatoes from the grocery store after we’ve run out at home. That’s why preserving tomatoes, so that we can enjoy them well into the winter, is so important to me.

Canning tomatoes, for many, is their go-to method of preserving. However, the time and energy that it takes to can, not to mention the disaster I make of my kitchen in the process, makes it my least favorite way to put up tomatoes. So check out my video to discover the top three methods I use to enjoy garden fresh tomatoes when there is a foot of snow on the ground. These methods are simple, quick and easy.