Grow into your garden. Start small and stay close!

Do you have big plans for your garden this spring and new ideas of what you’re going to implement during the growing season? Do you start strong at the beginning of the growing season and find yourself petering out by July? Perhaps you’re even ‘over it’ by August?

My video today talks about two very important tips in garden design. Starting small and staying close are the last two tips in my 5 Tips to Get your Garden Started. You really want to take these into account before the growing season gets underway. Remember to allow yourself to grow into your garden. You can always expand your garden but starting small and having small successes is preferable to going big and being overwhelmed mid-season by all the maintenance and watering chores.

Remember that “small is beautiful.” Starting small and staying close will keep you out of the realm of ‘overwhelm’ and make gardening a joy rather than a chore this season.

Click on the video below to learn more!