What we’re still eating from last year’s garden

In our gardens, we always want to follow the permaculture principle of “obtaining a yield”, whether that be a yield in food, medicine, pollinator habitat or fertility. Then, especially in a cold climate, we work to extend that yield in time so that we can be eating from our gardens 365 days/year. We can do that by various season extension techniques like frost cloths, greenhouses, and cold frames. However, our long, cold and dark winter also means that we need to employ various preservation techniques.

We have several different preservation techniques available to us. Whether you want to can, ferment, dehydrate or freeze, these are all good strategies to use. I usually recommend that you choose what is easiest for you and makes the most sense with your eating habits. There are also some veggies that simply need a cool, dry and dark storage area and don’t require any additional preserving.

In my video today, I go through what we’re still eating from last year’s garden. As you prepare for another growing season, I wanted to share some of the go-to preservation techniques that I use. These allow us to eat homegrown tomatoes and fruit throughout the winter, as well as winter squash, onions, garden herbs, and much more. Click on the video above to learn more!