Want those tomatoes to ripen?

We’re nearing the end of August which, in a cold climate, usually means the end of the growing season. Are you worried that those luscious green tomatoes on the vine will never see their true color before the frost hits? 

Let’s face it, there are only so many fried green tomatoes that you can eat. That’s why you’ll want to watch my video below about how to ripen your tomatoes when you have a short growing season. In it, I explain a few tips that you will want to do straight away to help your tomatoes mature. They include:

  • Prune the flowers and any additional vegetative growth
  • Sever the roots of the tomato plant in a couple locations
  • Stop watering your tomatoes
  • Cover your tomatoes, especially at night

These tips are so effective that I barely end up eating any green tomatoes! I also go over the method I use for continuing to ripen tomatoes indoors, after that first hard frost hits. Click on the video to learn more!