Top 3 Tips for Fruit Tree Pruning

In my video today, I talk with Caiseal Orsini from Hillside Nursery about her Top 3 Tips for pruning fruit trees. Caiseal is a certified arborist and co-owner of a Bozeman-based nursery which specializes in trees, shrubs and drought tolerant plants. 

When we plant fruit trees, it’s important to commit to their pruning and care for the duration of their life. Caiseal and I talk about why you would prune your tree in the summer versus while it’s still dormant.  

Here are her top three tips:

  • Clean your tools
  • Remove dead, damaged or diseased branches
  • Create space and air in your tree

We also cover the differences between pruning plum, pear, cherry and apple trees. 

Click on the video to learn more!