Raising Chickens in Cold Climates

Chickens are one of the easier and more useful animals to have in your backyard gardens. In permaculture, they are often the example of ‘each element performing multiple functions.’ In other words, having chickens as part of your backyard ecosystem accomplishes several functions at once. Not only can they provide you with eggs and meat but their manure acts as fertilizer for your garden, their feathers and egg shells can be added to your compost piles, and they can help clean up your garden beds. 

But while they are one the easier animals to raise, having them in a cold climate does have its challenges. My video takes you through six of my tips that will help keep your birds comfortable throughout our long winter. Adopting strategies where chickens’ contributions and quality of life can be maximized is key to building resilience on your site.

Here are the six tips that I cover in the video:

  1. Choose cold-hardy breeds of chickens.
  2. Choose the right location for your coop.
  3. Insulate your coop.
  4. Have an outdoor snow-free area.
  5. Don’t leave water in the coop overnight. 
  6. Keep chicken bedding dry and clean.