Q&A with Kareen – What to do about flea beetles…

Though it’s often challenging to grow in our climate, one advantage is that we don’t have to deal with a lot of garden pests. Aphids, cabbage worms and flea beetles are usually the extent of the pests I’ll deal with in any given year and typically, they are never out of control. 

Flea beetles are usually the first to emerge; tiny black beetles that attack crops like arugula, mustard greens, potatoes and tomatoes. While the crops usually recover, they can do a fair amount of damage and can set back your yields significantly.

In my video today, I address Suzanne’s question about flea beetles attacking her tomatoes. 

Some approaches that I include in the video are limiting transplant shock for your tomatoes by hardening them off adequately, covering the tomatoes to decrease the temperatures fluctuations between day and night thereby decreasing the stress on plants, and using floating row cover to physically keep the flea beetles out. 

Check out my video to learn more.