Q&A with Kareen – How to Keep Deer from Eating your Garden or Food Forest

In this week’s ‘Q&A with Kareen’ I address Laura’s question about how to deal with deer and not get discouraged.

If you live in a place like Montana, wildlife pressure is frequently an issue. It’s an obstacle my clients commonly deal with when choosing to grow more of their own food.

Whether it’s deer, elk, moose or bear, we are fortunate to have these wild animals roaming both public and private lands. Yet, we don’t want to see the time and effort we spend on a garden or food forest, suddenly wasted because the deer have helped themselves to our beautifully-planted buffet. 

In my video, I talk about some of the options that are available to protect your plants from deer and other wildlife. 

My first recommendation would be to get back to your goals for your site. This will determine whether or not you want to put the time, money and energy into putting up a fence.  So click on the video to hear my answer to Laura’s question.