Q&A with Kareen – How to deal with an overheating greenhouse and tips for growing tomatoes in cold climates!

This is the first video in my winter series, Q&A with Kareen. In it, I answer Sandra’s question about ventilating a greenhouse as well as her questions about growing tomatoes in our cold climate. 

An overheating greenhouse is a common problem, especially if you have a small one. I’ve found that even with windows or a fan, this is not adequate ventilation, especially in July. The best approach is to use a shade cloth on the outside of the greenhouse to cut down on the sun that is coming through. I typically put the shade cloth on my greenhouse at the beginning of July and through August. 

Sandra also had a question about growing tomatoes in cold climates. One of the most important things to do with tomatoes is to protect them early on in the season, once you plant them outdoors. You can do this with either a frost cloth or a cold frame. I recommend you also watch the video below for how to ripen tomatoes at the end of the season.