My Top Three Gardening Tools

Spring has arrived here in Bozeman and I’ve been planting greens in our greenhouse, starting tomato and pepper plants, and getting ready for the busy season ahead. As we move into the growing season, I will continue to share tips and insights for getting the most out of your gardens this season. 

Today, I want to share this short video about My Top 3 Gardening Tools. When you get into gardening, there seems to be a tool out there for everything. From seeding, to aerating soil, to planting bulbs or pruning fruit trees, you could buy a specific tool for each task. The choices, not surprisingly, seem to be endless. Yet, you can get by in the garden with just a few key tools. The ones I go over in this video are tools that I use over and over again throughout the growing season. If you have a limited budget and can only invest in a few tools, these are the ones I would recommend you buy. 

Then, I would love to hear from you. Please share your favorite gardening tools with me in the comments below. What tools do you use time and time again in the garden?

Happy Spring and I will see you soon!