March Greenhouse and Garden Tasks

March has arrived which means the growing season is ramping up! In my video today, I go over some of the greenhouse and garden tasks that I typically do in this month. They include:

1) Harvesting snow to moisten the soil in the greenhouse. I usually start doing this mid-to-late February and continue until a few days before I plant in the greenhouse. I will then continue to harvest snow in 5 gallon buckets so that I can use it to water my plants. 

2) Moving cool season crops that I’ve started indoors and planting them in the greenhouse. I also direct seed other cool season crops like kale, lettuce, radish and peas in the greenhouse beds. 

3) I start some of my warm season crops like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant under lights indoors. I typically do this the third and last week of March. 

Like I’ve mentioned in other videos, as the list of garden jobs gets longer and longer, it helps to develop a calendar of tasks to help you stay on track. Gardening is as much about time management as it is about soil, water and pest management.