Five Tips to Get Your Garden Started – Soil and Seeds

It seems like it’s already spring in Montana…although we know better! But this milder weather is certainly inspiring me to start ordering seeds and planning my garden. My spring workshop line-up is out so if you haven’t taken one of my workshops, check them out here. I would love to help you get started on your first garden or give you fresh ideas and concrete advice on improving your yields and making it one of your most successful growing seasons yet!

My video this week covers two of the most important aspects of gardening – soil and seeds. Click below to learn more about my strategies for increasing soil fertility in your garden, the three seed companies I would recommend and the one place I wouldn’t recommend you go to get your seeds or transplants.

Lastly, what burning questions would you like to have answered before the growing season begins? Please leave those in the comments below. I will either answer them directly or make a video to respond!

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