Early greens in the garden – maximizing a small greenhouse

Despite the dusting of snow this morning, winter is supposedly over and it’s time for some fresh spring greens from the greenhouse!

In this cold climate, having strategies for extending our season to squeeze out a few extra days or weeks of growing is a great idea. Having a small greenhouse is a good way to go. 

If you have a greenhouse or are thinking of getting one, then my video today is for you. I talk about where to place your greenhouse and how to maximize the space throughout the growing season. These strategies give me spring greens a month ahead of time and healthy seedlings for my garden, without the cost of heating the greenhouse. I also give you some tips on what I would do if you’re thinking of building a custom greenhouse.

So click on the video below to learn more!

Do you have any advice on using a small greenhouse? Any tips you would recommend? Please share those in the comments below! 

Thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you soon!