Building a Garden Pond

The video that I’m sharing with you today has been on my list of to do’s for several months, if not years! In fact, ever since we dug our garden pond a few years ago, I’ve been wanting to make it.

People love the idea of having a pond but are often intimidated about all of the factors that are involved in its installation. In my video, I go over :

  1. why you might want a pond
  2. the shape of your pond
  3. where you should locate it
  4. how to build it 
  5. types of pond plants

It also includes a timelapse of us building the pond so definitely don’t miss that!

Our pond is one of my favorite aspects of the garden. As I explain in the video, it attracts beneficial insects and birds to our garden space, enhancing the mini ecosystem. So click above to learn how to go about building your own. It might be the garden project that you put on the list this spring!