April Greenhouse Tour!

Spring planting is underway and I am so ready for warmer weather and spring blooms! The Nanking cherries, dwarf Russian almonds and pear trees in the food forest are starting to bloom, the daffodils have arrived and tulips are coming up under our mature apple tree. 

Over the years of observing our site, I have finally accepted that we live in a much colder microclimate than much of Bozeman. Being near the base of the Bridger Mountains means we sit in a little cold sink. While crocus and daffodils have long ago bloomed within downtown Bozeman, mine are still deciding whether it’s actually warm enough to emerge. 

That’s why season extension strategies are so important, not only on our site, but living in a cold climate in general. The ability to extend our season, both in the early spring and late fall, is really important. That’s why I wanted to share this quick video with you. In it, I give you a little tour of my greenhouse at the end of April.

It’s amazing how much you can jumpstart your season by having a greenhouse and/or cold frames. I have barely heated this greenhouse over the past 6 weeks. I’ve mostly just used additional frost cloth to get through the frigid nights. We’ve been eating salads over the past month and the peas are now coming on! So check out my video below and let me know what sort of season extension strategies you employ on your site!