April Greenhouse Tour!

If, as gardeners, we are aiming to grow as much of our own food as possible, then season extension strategies are so important, especially in a cold climate. The ability to extend our season, both in the early spring and late fall, is integral to maximizing the yield that you can have in any given season. That’s why I wanted to share this quick video with you. In it, I give you a little tour of my greenhouse at the end of April.

It’s amazing how much you can jumpstart your season by having a greenhouse and/or cold frames. If you have the budget and space, I would definitely recommend a greenhouse, even if it’s a small one. Our 10′ x 12′ greenhouse is well insulated and helps me grow out seedlings and provides us with early season greens. 

Also, I have barely heated this greenhouse over the past 6 weeks. I’ve mostly just used additional frost cloth to get through the frigid nights. We’ve been eating salads over the past month and the peas are now coming on! So check out my video to get a little tour.