An irrigation method that saves times, water, and money

Hot enough for you? It’s always such a shock to go from our rainy and cold spring into a hot and dry summer. Besides very occasional sprinklings of rain, I don’t expect to see much water dropping from the sky for the next six weeks.

 If you haven’t already, this is the time to make sure that all the soil between your plants is well mulched (with leaves or straw). This will go a long way in terms of maintaining consistent soil moisture, conserving water, and keeping your plants happy.

 Even if you’re mulching, July and August in our climate always translate into a challenging time for your garden in terms of water usage.

What if I told you that there’s a way to water your garden that can save you time, water and money? In my video below I describe a super-efficient irrigation method that was around long before we were messing with soaker hoses, spaghetti tubing, spray emitters and all the other hardware that comes with irrigating a garden.  It’s definitely a simple and inexpensive method that you might want to implement in portions of your garden this year or next!

So click on the video below to learn more!

Happy Summer!