A Five Minute Project to Cut Down on your Energy Use!

I talked in my last blog post about how our directive, in the global north, should not only be to grow our own food but to look for other ways to reduce our energy consumption. The US Energy Information Administration estimates that 35% of our household energy use goes towards lighting, appliances and refrigeration. Therefore, anything we can do to reduce the energy we use in the kitchen can help out significantly in terms of saving money and fossil fuels.

That’s why I’m excited to share this video with you. In it, I talk about a simple and easy five-minute project that you can make, likely with existing materials in your home, that can immediately reduce your energy use. Not only do I talk about that project, but I cover other appropriate technologies with regards to cooking and food storage. These are strategies that you could think about implementing, over time, as you work toward a more energy-efficient, self-reliant lifestyle. Don’t know what appropriate technology is? Check out my article here

This video is actually a sneak peek into the Appropriate Technology Module that I teach in the Women’s Online Permaculture Design Course

Here is a link the photo album on facebook that I reference in the video. This will take you through the step by step process of building a cob oven.

I also reference plans to a solar food dehydrator which you can see here.